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Ashley Smith Ashley Smith
- College Not Listed -
Class of 2023
Tondaeisha White Tondaeisha White

Forensic Science
Class of 2023
Ayodele  Sunmola Ayodele Sunmola
Adelphi Univ
Class of 2000
Blessing Nnorom Blessing Nnorom
- College Not Listed -
Class of 2017
Adeyinka Shokoya-Eleshin Adeyinka Shokoya-Eleshin
Bowie State University
Management Information Systems
Class of 2024
Sarah Cole Sarah Cole
Howard University
Computer and Information Science
Class of 2026
Bernice McKenzie Bernice McKenzie
Andrews Univ
Social Work
Class of 1998
Teliyah  Wynder Teliyah Wynder
Prairie View A&M University
Class of 2025
chinenye okatta chinenye okatta
- College Not Listed -
Class of 2018
Aria Alridge Aria Alridge
Tuskegee University
Agricultural Business and Management
Class of 2026

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Andrew Chambers
 Andrew Chambers (2019)
Noelle Williams
 Noelle Williams (2010)
Carla Mott
 Carla Mott (2007)
Ashley Harris
 Ashley Harris (2016)
Reggie Bolden
 Reggie Bolden (1999)
Darrius Huggins
 Darrius Huggins (2018)
 CJ (2004)
Jada McClendon
 Jada McClendon (2020)
Renita Hunter
 Renita Hunter (2011)
Adrienne Small
 Adrienne Small (1991)
Bobbie  Luke
 Bobbie Luke (2019)
T.L. Howard
 T.L. Howard (2009)
Ajanee Wineglass
 Ajanee Wineglass (2023)
london coleman
 london coleman (2008)
Jay Bastien
 Jay Bastien (2008)
Dionne Allen
 Dionne Allen (2005)
chaz goins
 chaz goins (2008)
Benita Bettard
 Benita Bettard (1978)
Jazmyne Stubbs
 Jazmyne Stubbs (2013)
Amari Malone
 Amari Malone (2021)

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