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How Teachers Can Easily Communicate With Their Students

How Teachers Can Easily Communicate With Their Students
Posted By: Amy Sloane on September 21, 2020

Teachers know how important communication is, but nothing has made this more clear than the current pandemic. The following are some effective and safe ways to communicate with students.


One exciting way to communicate with students is by using an LMS, which is a website or digital space for your students. You get to construct an exciting website for students where you can communicate all sorts of things. You can talk about any upcoming classroom events.

Students can post questions and talk to each other in forums should you decide to add those. Here, you'll also get the opportunity to post pictures or videos of things your students have accomplished. This ends up motivating kids to do better, and it makes students feel good because you're recognizing their efforts. Keep in mind that you won't only communicate with your students; their parents are also going to be able to utilize this site. You can create a parent section where they can read updates and ask any questions.


Students want to see you when you're teaching something or when you're trying to communicate. This is one reason video conferences or video calls are rising in popularity right now. You get to talk to one of your students or all of them at once using a video conferencing tool like Zoom.

The only thing you have to figure out is how to communicate with students regarding class and other information. You could use something like a non-profit mass text system, which will ensure all students receive the vital information needed. You can instruct students to text back with any questions.


Virtual reality is already here, and some teachers are using it to help engage kids. It might seem like something from the future, but this is a cool way to communicate with students while giving them a familiar experience. There's no way around the fact that communicating with your students through text or using Zoom could get a little boring.

On top of that, you don't know anything about your students' learning environment.

Parents are doing the best they can, but there are probably many distractions at home. VR allows you tocreate a learning reality you can control a little more effectively. The technology isn't perfect, but hopefully, things continue to improve as more teachers see how helpful it can be for learning.


Drones are being used in many ways during the pandemic. Some teachers, especially those with students in hard-to-reach areas, are using drones to stay in contact with their students. Teachers are sending learning materials to their students this way.

On top of sending learning material to students, teachers can send special notes of encouragement and much more. This does mean teachers have to learn a new skill, but that's part of the reason they became teachers. The use of drones among teachers isn't too popular yet, but if the pandemic continues, more teachers might try it.


The sad truth is some students live in wi-fi deserts. These areas are neglected by large internet companies because the likelihood of them making money is low. This problem hasn't been as apparent as it is now due to this pandemic, and it could be the reason why there's a growing population of folks advocating for nationalized internet access.

Some teachers are dealing with this problem not by looking to the future but by looking towards the past and relying on the radio. The teacher has to broadcast his or her lesson, and the student just has to follow along. Parents don't have to feel like they are solely responsible for their kids to learn. All they have to do is listen and help their children through the lessons. Radios can be taken virtually anywhere, and you don't have to worry about your room not being perfectly tidy, which is good for everyone.

These are some ways teachers can communicate with their students, but there are probably other things you could do. Teachers can use social media to communicate with their students or something as simple as a multi-line phone call where students just call in to learn.

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