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Representative Joe Wilson Should Be Punished

Representative Joe Wilson Should Be Punished
Posted By: J. A. Faulkerson on September 11, 2009

South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson showed his level of respect for our president, and that's not a good thing. He should be punished severely for his poor judgment, lack of civility. He should have kept his mouth shut, just agree to disagree.

Representative Wilson shouted, "You lie!" during President Obama's address, but conservative Republicans have really cornered the market when it comes to lying.

They spent the whole summer misinforming the American public about the proposed reforms to health care, even leveling personal attacks against President Obama to gain a political advantage. President Obama was right in calling these conservative Republicans out last night because they have undoubtedly forgotten what it means to pursue the moral imperative, serve the common good.

Jeffery A. Faulkerson, MSSW
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Jen Fad
Nurse at Healthcare
I agree with you Brother Mozell. That was such a blatant disrespect of the highest office. He shuld have been thrown out as an example to the rest of those ignorant people who say they represent the rest of us.
Friday, September 11th 2009 at 12:14PM
Siebra Muhammad
A Registration Clerk/Specialist at New Orleans Public Schools
It pisses me off to see the kind of racist venom that has flown about. Rep. Joe Wilson needs to be more than punished, he needs his ass whipped. What has Barack Obama done to make people hateful, and bigoted conservative upset???

1. George Bush started the Bail Out because he said certain companies where to big to fail.

2. George Bush allowed more illegal immigrants into the country over the last eight years than any other president.

3. George Bush allowed healthcare cost to take up 16% of the gross national product.

4. George Bush sold the country to China to finance the war in Iraq.

5. George Bush allowed Blackwater, KBR, and the oil companies to rob the country of millions.

...and the No Child Left Behind act still continues to kick black students in the ass.

I work in the New Orleans public school district for over 7 years and counting, and I KNOW. What has President Obama done wrong??? As far as I can clearly recall, nothing. Like our friend Mozell said, they hate him because he's Black.

He was born half Black with an Swahili name. Reagan and those two Sons-Of-A-Bushes (that's right, I said those two Sons-Of-A-Bushes; let THAT go down in the history books, RACISTS!!!) both addressed schoolkids and you didn't see a damn thing wrong with it even when Dubya was sitting in a classroom reading a book UPSIDE DOWN!!! Watch it family, don't laugh!!!

Friday, September 11th 2009 at 4:35PM
UC, Davis class of 1992
(after I go through my millions of notes from yesterday, )I will post the actual full name of the group which is something like THE SONS OF THE CONFEDERATE REBALS...which is ironicaly the same organization who one of their members was the first one to yell out like this to a sitting president like Wilson did to this you have your thinking caps on as to why Sean Hannity announced on his program last night how he was going to put up a site under his name for the supporters of Wilson?!?/does FOX have this campaign against our president as a part of their liscense for Hannity's personal us as (like beck) to try and bring down a Black president by any means necessary. This encludes raising money/morals for this *&##***racist cause???!!!!!!

WE should all contact the Diversity department at the FCC, Mark Lloyd who heads tis new department to stop tis sort of blatant racism coming into our homes over our public air wave by sending an email to call 1888-225-5322...

It will only take what one minute of your time to fight against this in the name of our children's children's welfare and our president the leader of our country...the ball is in our court.(smile)

Oh, I learned about this racist group on Keith Olbermann's Count Down on MSNBC yesterday if anyone wants to get the tape. It contains a priceless commantary to Wilson as only Olbermann can do in his fight to help Color Of Change and his loyal Black audence viewers like me to have a voice on main stream cable news networks.Wilson was a guest on the Hannity program on FOX.
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
UC, Davis class of 1992
Oops, forgot that wilson took back his apology to our president on Hannity's last night. but, when Hannity tried to get his to say directly had taken tis apology back Wilson went to a maybe the president had lied which gave Hannity a chance to really say what wilson wanted to say which was the main reason to have him on as they know not many but "their" kind will watch this network.but, for those who can not stomach them over there then Olbermann and Maddow never fail to show the best of the racist parts of those over ther.(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
UC, Davis class of 1992
The only people to have ever yelled out in a Joint speech of Congress were T-W-O times and both times this was done by members of the 'SONS OF CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS' active members...

what do you think about how in some ways it has to do with the South's cry that they must RISE UP AGAIN against a government that is trying to give aide and confort to the African-Americans?!?(smile)

How often do you hear the "we want to take our country back". Now not we want to take ourgovernment back out of the hands of the lobby, but take and put our country back like it was without a Black skinned person in the White house?!?...WAKE UP...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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