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I need your vote!!! Posted on 10-19-2005

If you are a fan of band than i need your vote. As you know the Honda Battle Of the bands are gonna be in atl in jan and i want to see my school there. Now it is all based on if you are voted in and sense to many people ay my school are not on the cpu as much as others than i need the people out here to help me. For the longest i have herd that the best band in the land battle is between 2 bands Which is Jackson State's Sonic Boom of The sOUTH AND tHAT famu band . So i wanna see these 2 face off in atl. So gone and cast your vote for my tigers so we can show the rest of the sleeping world that it's more 2 a band than making a snowman out there.! To vote just log onto HondaBattleofthebands.com and sign up By the way what would be your perfect battle? I say Jackson State Miles College Hampton BCC Famu Norfolk St Parie View a&m Texas Southern Bama St. Thas all i need!
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WileECoyote06 replied on 10-19-2005 10:53AM [Reply]
Too bad only two MEAC schools can be selected. I've already been voting, and, I'm casting for NCCU Norfolk State (they should be invited at least once) Prairie View A & M Langston Miles College BTW, voting is only 33.3% of the results. 33.3% comes from College presidents, and 33.3% comes from band directors. Neither can vote for their own school.
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Home > Forums > General Discussions > Tha Yard > Archives > The Graveyard (2005)
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