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HOT 97 SUPERHEAD INTERVIEW, the TIGGA update !!!!! Posted on 07-07-2005

YOOOO.... yall GOTTA listen to this audio..Its kinda long..like 45 minutes, but well worth every minute...Im not gonna spoil it for yall but lets just say a few rappers called in and gave Miss Superhead a piece of their mind. This interview was this morning on Hot 97 with Miss Jones in the Morning lolol...I am DEFINITELY buying her book...This stuff was TOO entertaining... Just listen and once people start commenting I'll give my $.02 on it all. http://hot97.com/multimedia/interviewPlayer.aspx?source=http://media.hot97.com/av/audio/morningShow/interviews/superhead.wma&jock=Miss%20Jones%20in%20the%20Morning&artist=Karrine%20Steffans%20aka%20Superhead-Parental%20Discretion%20is%20advised
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replied on 07-08-2005 01:38AM [Reply]
that **** need to be in some mental ward.........how da **** she wit bill maher.........**** need help
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replied on 07-08-2005 01:39AM [Reply]
MissJazzyAKA wrote:
Who is G??? And why am i digusted by everyone in this interview?
G is Kool G Rap.
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TheRealOne from Tallahassee, FL replied on 07-08-2005 01:49AM [Reply]
I can't hear the dayum thing...shat. :???:
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ClassyWisdom08 replied on 07-08-2005 01:58AM [Reply]
He can't be that kool...Anyway, a part of me believes this girl and another part doesnt. Why do i believe her? because i know how triflin' and doggish people can be. And she is with Bill Maher??? ewww. Didn't his ex, which just so happens to be black, accuse him of beating her?
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 07-08-2005 02:25AM [Reply]
"I'm feeling uncomfortable... it's time to go home...." :lol: folk was speechless lol... I didn't hit me that it was Kool G Rap after a while. His wife super gully yo lol. Ride or Die for real lol. I know bout this Superhead chick. I'm pretty sure some messed up things have happened to herbut i'm not sure if i buy her whole story. I think she's on that "Get Money" mode right now. I'm mad about that tigga part tho.
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replied on 07-08-2005 10:13AM [Reply]
cupcake8503 wrote:
That ****aint cute. **** at Method Man but he was right.
"What the fukk yall bring my name into this ****for? My kids asking me what the fukk is going on and shyt, my wife wildin too son. Don't fukkin say my name B. Do whatever you gotta do wit shorty, but don't put me in that ****tho B. You still my favorite rapper tho son, much love." 10 minutes later... "Nah but for real man I dunno if I got my point across, they need to keep my fukkin name out their mouths, B." Miss Jones: "I think they got the point Method." ****.
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La replied on 07-08-2005 10:45AM [Reply]
^^^ oh yea...what I forgot to mention about Method in my lil commentary was that it was funny how Ma Barker kept tellin Superhead to tell Miss Jones and everybody about the daughter she got by Method named Nylah, that supposedly Method man and wis wife raising. And Miss Jones kept asking her if she has a daughter and all she kept sayin was she had a son...So she never denied or admitted to it...so I believe she prolly do got a daughter, and since Ma supposedly taped all of her and Superhead's phone convos she said she was gonna send that to Miss Jones to play on air or whatever..so apparently theres proof...But WHY THE HELL DIDNT THAT COME UP WHEN METHOD GOT ON THE LINE??? they NEVER brought that part up, cause Method was so gung ho on his name being kept out of it, and Ma and G Rap and everybody kept talkin over each other...So like I said...I do believe there is more to Method's side of the story that than he sharin, and he not as innocent as he tryin to make himself seem.
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cupcake8503 replied on 07-08-2005 11:07AM [Reply]
well i ordered her book on amazon. i need to read this shyt..lol
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Princess LaRonda replied on 07-08-2005 11:19AM [Reply]
as far as her cancelling her book signing i mean lol there is no telling why but she would have had security and she says she has bodyguards so if somebody was gonna come and jump her or whatever whatever she had backup obviously
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replied on 07-08-2005 12:09PM [Reply]
She was prolly gonna get shot tho
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