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College boy Virgins Posted on 06-28-2005

Although, I'm not a fellow, I feel I just have to share my opinnion. Maybe you feel a level of respect for him and you don't want to "taint" him. However I think it's great girl that he hasn't been around. If your not comfortable around him maybe ya'll should just be friends.
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La replied on 07-02-2005 12:23AM [Reply]
SoundCheck 1898 wrote:
Oh snap... somebody from CT... lol. My goodness. Whats good?
lol....ya know...We gettin deep on this joint. There a few others from CT on here...but beside you, me, the girl from Farmington, and occassionaly Josh...they not very active on the boards...but have spoken to a few of them.
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replied on 08-01-2005 05:57AM [Reply]
i say u take his V-Card, lol.
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DJ Knightmare from augusta, GA replied on 05-14-2008 05:07PM [Reply]

lol i got a a hole way to fix ya problem..... encourage him to sleep wit somebody else.... then you will feel fine if he touches u cuz he aint a virgin no mor....... sike na... respect is what u are feelin though.... **** got reall and u had the virgin mentality ..... lol.... but u know... if he wants u and u want him dont think of it as deflowering him.... think of it as yall jus makin love
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