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aggiewarrior............. Posted on 03-19-2005

I believe in resolving problems not creatin them in a unjustified manner...I might be hated considering how some people want a lil conflict but whatever....
AggieWarrior wrote:
LeDbYFIRE wrote:
AggieWarrior wrote:
MidWestGentleman wrote:
^^yes i do(esp the pacers)..the celtics are alright, they just suck...
9-1 in the last 10 games... hottest team in the NBA... they really suck alright :roll: oh yeah... Kee's an attention **** :arrow:
:o lets be serious here man...the celtics not even the best team in the EAST. and uhhh ^the person that made her siggy is talkin kind of crazy..... the celtics......come on now.....
did i say they was the best team in the East... i guess i need to rephrase for sensitive **** like these... at least Dominic is cool about it... so let me be diplomatic for this big **** baby 1. you're a hater... 2. don't quote my Sh*t when it ain't directed to you 3. the Celtics are playing some of the best ball right now... in the last 10 games... whether you hate it or love it... so get over it :arrow:
My comment from early march
LeDbYFIRE wrote:
Personally I just dont like the celtics. Antoine walker is productive and a chicago native BUT that dude got the strangest game in the world. He a big dude that run around tryna shoot treys all day. He actually does half decent to. Then its this GP situation. I think it was pretty bogus how they put gp down in that trade then was able to get him right back. Somewhere along the line you gotta think they set this whole thing up. I jus dont like the c's. You can call me a hata fa sure in this situation. I hope them boys get swept first round lol.
My comment from February
aggie warrior wrote:
that's wassup... 'Tione's back home in Boston... Walker and Pierce along w/ Ricky Davis... the race for the Atlantic is now gonna be between Boston and Philly
“ledbyfire” wrote:
That sound real nice on paper and so far is lookin nice. But as far as playoffs go I dont think their goin anywhere. They have quite a few players. Some nice range throughout the lineup. But if they have to go up against a detriot or a miami its curtains. Get the broom.
First off I'm not offended towards your remarks. You just wasnt aware of what you were sayin thats all. But yea as you see, a couple of weeks ago I gave the celtics props BUT that doesnt mean I like them. If I dont like a team or players that I know about, then I have a reason and I'm justified. In football green bay is a decent team but in my eyes they are one of the worst teams in football just because their rivals with the bears, who by the way are trash also but I'm a optimistic person when it comes to hometown teams. So as far as all this goes, chill out and get to know me and my intentions before attackin. When I debate sports I dont have any intention to get at a person, just at what their sayin. And no, sports alone can never get that serious to get personal. If my words are too harsh to share what I think w/ anybody here while still bein cool then say somethin and I a just take my sports debate to the barborshop.
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AggieWarrior from Charlotte, NC replied on 03-20-2005 12:43PM [Reply]

wow, it's not everyday i get a whole topic dedicated to myself.... gee... thanks... since this is a message board, and i'm not one who deletes posts or topics or anything.... you can say whatever you want to me or anybody else... but when stuff isn't directed at you, just stay out of it... it seems like everytime i talk about the Celtics, you have something negative to say... i mean i was stating facts... and you come at me like u got a problem... but like i said, you can say whatever you want on a message board, i could care less... but u keep coming at me like you have a problem w/ me representin my team, and you gonna get a problem... i ain't one for arguing on a message board, b/c it's pretty much pointless and stupid... i mean i can loathe a team like Oklahoma college football, but i still have respect for what they do... when you're team's good, they're good, and OU is one of the best... that's an example... i respect teams like the Pistons and the Heat... and even the damn Lakers in their title run... and the Bulls six titles in 8 years... and like i said... hate or love it... Boston's doing everything right... so don't get mad when i just state the facts... as Monte says... "the numbers don't lie"
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replied on 03-20-2005 08:04PM [Reply]
I responded this but my message messed up with the log on and everything. But basically all I'm tryn to do is get my intent clear because my tone cant be understood over a message board. The celtics I respect as far a good team, but just because their a good team doesnt mean I gotta be a fan of them. The colts were a **** team in the nfl all last year but I never liked them and I was justified in all my belief. I'm justified in my dislike of the celtics, and I can't conform just cause of statistics. I'm not one to jump on stats because as bold as they look EVERYBODY knows that they don't mean as much as given credit. Just check out march madness. What was it, 3 top seeded teams loss to way lower seeded teams. With all that being said dont take what I debate in sports seriously its all sports. I dont know how it is around you but we harsh w/ words but can keep it cool all the time. And about me statin my opinion you gotta remember this is a public message board and if you dont want anybody else to say a thing about one thing you say to another person then hit him in pm or make it more clear. If my intent is made clear from this tho you could delete this thread. I just want to make it known that I'm talkin about SPORTS and sports alone.
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replied on 03-20-2005 08:46PM [Reply]
God please..... Can I lock this now? I think so. That's what PM's and email is designed for.
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