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Deep I like this topic ! Posted on 12-16-2004

Tampa, FL
Fire in the Belly written by Sam Keen. It states 99.9% of men are boys because they were never taught how to be men. All we do and have been taught to do is to get the girl. Once we get here, we dont know how to handle. I have noticed a new trend where most of the females are playing the dog game. It has been some yrs since that book was written. Deep book about manhood and ancestral lack of heritage. Deep.
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Princess LaRonda replied on 01-02-2005 01:13PM [Reply]
interesting enough....I think I'll check into this book.... I never really looked at it that way....a BOY is only taught how to GET A GIRL hmmmm thanks for the tip
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heman7 from Tampa, FL replied on 01-02-2005 09:23PM [Reply]

I promise the book is deep and knowledgeable. I learned much. My Minister gave it to me. "God" Bless!
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