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Can she be too pretty? Posted on 12-04-2004
Minneapolis, MN
Why is it that men sometimes shy away from women who are very attractive (I'm talking stunning/dazzling not just pretty) and confident, carrying herself well and with class? Is gorgeous too beautiful? Is it intimidating? Are they afraid of rejection? What's up?
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juzs0cute703 replied on 12-06-2004 03:55PM [Reply]
i don't know if double standard is the right word but what i'm about to say is goin to be contradicting...juss 2 let ya'll know okay FIRST i would say why does the way somebody looks matter why you would talk to them. i would say that i'm pretty and it bothers me when random guys-strangers-come & try to talk to me. i mean yeh it's flattering but at the same time i want them to know that there's more to me than juss the way i look. ok then SECOND even tho i am definitely not the girl to approach a guy (juss b/c i'm too shy :lol: ) but if i was to, i'd probably not wanna holla @ no "pretty boy" juss for the fact that everybody has probably tried...and not necessarily gotten rejected but the pretty boys tend to run more gamez in order to get what they want b/c they know they can get it. ya'll know that cute boys get away w/ alot more than the less attractive ones i guess... not to say that all pretty boys are like that juss like not sayin that all pretty girls are stuck up. but i dunno basically waht i'm sayin is that i don't think that ppl should base who they wanna talk to by looks...but at the same time i would want somebody to care about how they look--but only to an extent.
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melle_mel from Minneapolis, MN replied on 12-06-2004 07:14PM [Reply]
I have a lot of male friends. Homies that I know well, and actually, from what I've seen the "worst" ones aren't the pretty boys. 9/10 the pretty ones don't have to run game cuz women are willing to spread b/c they're so "pretty". I've seen it time and time again where it didn't take much more than a smile to get her to spread. And I don't care what he looks like he can only get away with what you let him get away with. That's anyone, not just men. I personally believe that women sometimes just won't "man up" to things they maybe could have done to prevent the situation they've found themselves in. And in turn they end up in the same situation over and over, then eventually say 'oh men are dogs'. I think we are sometimes too quick to call a man a dawg or say he runnin game. The clues to let you know the realla was prolly sittin right there in front of you. Man up and accept it.
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replied on 12-07-2004 02:17AM [Reply]
I honestly don't know what "type" I fall under: the beautiful, the dazzling, the ****, whatever. I generally don't think about it. I JUST got off the phone with a "friend" :: clears throat :: who basically just told me that I was too good to be true and made me feel like the greatest woman on Earth... and then he was surprised that I didn't think so myself. I mean, I have a normal self-esteem, but I generally don't walk around with the perception of myself being beautiful and "stunning", and when people get to know me, they find that my personality is more like a dudes than anything else... which is what is making this "friend" :: clears throat :: fall for me.... so I guess I'm just basically asking females, or whoever, is it possible to not KNOW that others perceive you as being beautiful and stuck up? Cause I smile all the time, and I know I'm goofy as hell... or maybe someone who knows me should comment.....
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replied on 12-07-2004 02:39AM [Reply]
@ HamptonBeauty..... It's basicall this running belief that if ya generally considered beautiful, people automatically assume ya stuck up. Your friend who you were talking about got to know you, and to him, you are the most beautiful woman on Earth. I know you ain't stuck up, and I sure as hell know how goofy you are. Lol. Don't be so focused on how people perceive you. It was aid on here earlier, theres more to you than just how you look. **** you talk to will realize that hopefully sooner than later. It sure sounds like ya freind did.
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replied on 12-07-2004 09:42AM [Reply]
LOL..All black girls are not beautiful and im not wana of them **** who feen for the light skinned chick. There be some b=Buda as light one out there. But foreal foreal i might fall back on a chick who always tryin to be on the scene. I mean you gotta stay fresh to death ya gear gotta stay on point. But sopmetimes you wana just chill. i mean in the summer whne i was in va it was raining and damp and i was in sweats a hoody and some 12's and im thinking this is whats up. i hear cliick clock click clokc and in come walking girls in heels and skirts with the make up on im like damn thats feen status. Even they was lookin cute in there MINONONOs lol they was whallin in that weather.
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R-Tistic from Los Angeles, CA replied on 12-07-2004 01:03PM [Reply]

I think there are a few girls who may be perceived to be stuck up and all, even though they don't realize it. One of my homegirls isn't as fine as she thinks, but I can tell that people see her as bein stuck up just because of how she looks and acts if you don't know her, and even though she swears she ain't stuck up at all, I see it in her. But like I said before, there are two types of FIIINE, and there are two types of "cute" and two types of "look good" but not amazing or anything abnormal. There are a lotta girls who are real cute that just look friendly and nice like they are down to earth, but then there are those who just have that look like they don't wanna talk to anybody and that they are too cute for anybody.
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replied on 12-07-2004 01:56PM [Reply]
I peronally think that most (not all) girls have the potential to look pretty ya know. What amamzes me is the wonder of how little things can push a female up to the " cute" status. I have seem so many females who are " ok" but with the lil help of some M.A.C and some heels they all of a sudden gorgeous. I think its just a matter of doing things that attract the male eye. Long hair, glossy lips, arched eyebrows, ect.
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Sweet_Girl from Maryland, MD replied on 12-07-2004 02:09PM [Reply]

As a female I have to post my response to this. To me it has become a sterotype that if you see a real pretty female, some guys automaticly think that female is stuck up or something. I mean every female is different and not every attractive female is stuck up. Now a days you really can't go on just looks alone because a female could be just quiet and not that friendly but it does not mean she is stuck up. I understand though that some females give off the vibe that their confident and maybe does not want to be bothered. I myself may give off of that because guys have told me that I was intimidating but I am just as down to earth as can be. Most of the time people have to get to know me and there like you are real cool. My whole thing is that people should stop percieving people to be one way just because of how they look because looks is not the person.
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replied on 12-07-2004 09:27PM [Reply]
Laid Back Fella Wrote:
Because of that 5%. Why focus on the negative if there is a glimmer of positive in the situation? Perhaps they feel that they are better than you cuz that's what you feel from the jump and furthermore show by a timid and reluctant approach. No woman wants or appreciates a lukewarm approach. Thoughts support beliefs. Beliefs supports attitudes. Attitudes support behavior. Results of your behavior reinforce thoughts either positively or negatively. Do all of you fellas feel that glass is half empty?
Listen to this man, that may be the best saying/proverb/whatever you wanna call it I've ever heard in my life. Read what he's saying, he's 100% correct. Sir, you have just kicked some serious KNOWLEDGE. I wonder where you got that from though? That seems like some type of Socrates theory to life or something.
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replied on 12-08-2004 12:06AM [Reply]
NeoSoulBrotha wrote:
I'll make it short and sweet. Bad experiences. For most guys, the pattern they've experienced: She's Fine = She thinks she is better than you = Rejection Therefore, we don't bother. Not to say that there's not good one's out there who are really attractive, but many females take it to their head. If you make it a point to show yourself as approachable, then your problem will disappear. Holla!
gotta love his simple yet effective answers
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