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Yesterday, I Cried Posted on 08-12-2004
05 gurl

I had avoided picking up Iyanlya's books because I'm just not into self-help books, or books like "What Brothers Think, What Sisters Know." They get boring and repetitive after awhile. But, I felt I needed some insight so I bought her paperback. It started off kind of slow, but you can tell she knows what she is talking about. I was just wondering though the first chapter what the whole (thick) book was going to be about! I couldn't tell if was just her random thoughts on love and lessons or what. But it turns out she begans to recant her life. and the girl had a ROUGH LIFE! And she also talks about the lessons she learned. Once you get into all that, the book was REALLY REALLY good. She is a lovely writer. It's a book, though, I'm going to have to read again because I didn't take all the lessons with me, because I was so into her life story. It's definitely a book to read time and time again to help with healing and growing. And there is just so much to take. She has officially made a new fan Please post comments!!!
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replied on 08-24-2004 08:23PM [Reply]
It took me forever to read that book, too! But it was a good read nonetheless. I would encourage you to get The Value In The Valley: The Black Woman's Guide to Life's Dilemmas. That book is my bible!!! I've also heard that Acts of Faith is a good read by Soror Iyanla too 8)
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