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Roommate Problems and How to Solve Them Posted on 04-19-2019

Lebanon, PA

Whether you have bad roommate or sense that YOU may be the bad roommate, either instance requires identification of the issue at hand as to why that is the case. Once identified, then you can find ways to improve or eradicate the issue based on a few suggestions mentioned in this article.

Let’s start with being messy.  Someone is going to have a total disregard to cleaning regularly, like letting the dishes pile up in the sink or never thinking about using a scrub brush on the toilet in a shared bathroom. To rectify this, you should sit down with your roommate and discuss a chore schedule and stick to it. You can’t “make” someone abide by a chore chart, but you can start dialogue in a non-accusatorial way such as saying something like “Hey, let’s clean this weekend. I’ll do the bathroom and you do the kitchen.” If they can’t do it at that time, then say you’ll do your half and then ask them when they can do their half and then follow up with them on it.

Another issue is roommate theft or taking something without asking. Some people don’t mind sharing while others tend to keep things to themselves. Boundaries are important and if this issue arises, then take the non-confronted approach.  Something like “I noticed half of my leftover sandwich was missing. I was looking forward to eating it, so in the future, would you mind asking before you take something of mine? Thanks!” should get to the point without blowing up into something more.

Noise. Whether it’s your roommate coming home late and slamming the door behind them, or loud music playing at all hours of the day, unwanted noise can easily disrupt the peace and lead to bitterness. Naturally, we’re all less bothered by the noises we make than the noises others make. Quite possibly, your roommate doesn’t realize they’re irking you, so you can’t just expect them to suddenly get quieter on their own - you’re going to have to say something. A simple request is all it takes; i.e.: “Do you mind closing the cabinet doors more softly in the morning? They wake me up.” You can also compromise with each other and set some boundaries around when things like loud music are allowed, such as anytime between 4pm and 10pm. Shedding some clarity on the noise issue and coming up with a few agreed-upon guidelines is often all it takes.

You won’t always be friends with your roommate’s friends. Sometimes you may dislike their boyfriend or girlfriend, but don’t let that stop you from having a normal living experience. If you dislike a certain friend sit down and have a discussion with your roommate. At this point you can discuss your options. The earlier you can get this resolved, the better, since the longer you go without saying something the more resentment builds and the more difficult it becomes to bring it up nicely.

Got anymore problems that could arise and you ave a way to deal with ti? Let us know below.

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