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Resume Writing Tips and Tricks Posted on 04-17-2019

Lebanon, PA
Whether you are just starting your college career or have 20+ years of experience in the job world, your ability to write a clear and effective resume will determine if you will get that crucial callback for a position you are looking to land. A good resume should be easy to read with good structure, summarize and highlight your accomplishments, skills, and relevant experience. So without further ado, here are a few tips and trick to writing a better resume for yourself.

DO not put everything on your resume. If you are looking to apply for a software development position, the employer does not need to know that previously you knew how to work a cash register at Walmart. Only include that experience, say if you were looking at a leadership position and while working at Walmart, you were in charge of a group of people in a managerial role. In a nutshell – only put your relevant experience on your resume as it pertains to the job you are trying to land.

USE a professional, clean font. Do not try to get fancy by using fancy and curvaceous fonts. Nice, clean, and easily readable fonts work well with employers reading a ton of other resumes.

CALL attention to your achievements. Instead of describing your job duties, list your top achievements while at that position and include any measurable success for a particular goal.

DO list your skills. Believe it or not, employers do search resumes based on keywords. If you match those keywords, they will be looking at your resume. Do include any computer skills, computer software, or other learned skill or proficiency on your resume. It is preferable to list those skills separately in their own section on your resume.

CREATE a “Master” resume. This master resume will have ALL of your work experience since you have started working in the work world. It will list all of your skills, accomplishments, and information regardless of the job position you are looking to land. THEN from this master resume, create your resume that you will submit to the employer using the relevant bits and pieces from this master resume. This way, you will always have you information available if the job you are looking for has different skills needed and responsibilities that you may not have placed on previous resumes. No need to rewrite information for your resume if you already did it.

PUT your best stuff toward the top. The top part of your resume is basically your first impression to the employer. This is what hiring managers see first and serve as the “hook” when trying to get your resume noticed.

REMOVE the objective statement. The only occasion you need an objective statement is if you are making a HUGE career change. Other than that, leave it off.

KEEP your experience in reverse chronological order. Keep things in order based on your most recent stuff first. Again, your most important stuff should be at the top and if you go for the reverse chronological order, your most recent stuff will be toward the top.

PROOFREAD and edit your resume. Do not turn off employers due to grammar and spelling errors on your resume. This reflects that you do not pay attention to detail and may give the hiring manager a wince when trying to read it. Review your resume a few times and even see if a family member or friend can look it over for you before you finalize it.

K.I.S.S. As in Keep-It-Simple-Stupid, this will make your resume easily readable. Cut down wordy paragraphs with simple statements that still pack a punch and tell what you did. Hiring managers only spend a few seconds browsing over a resume and having your important stuff at the top AND simplifying your words will allow them to read a lot in a shorter time period.

UPDATE your resume constantly. It becomes increasingly difficult to remember what you did at you job and what new skills you have acquired as time passes. If you are able to make updates, like every 4 months, it will make life a lot easier when the time comes to start looking for another gig.

NAME and save your resume file smartly. Name your resume like "Jane Doe Resume" instead of just "Resume". This will allow hiring managers to quickly locate your resume and make their life easier. ALSO, save your file as a PDF if possible. This will eliminate any other computer software program messing up your formatting and structure of your resume when they open it.

REMOVE the "References Available Upon Request" line. If employer do have an interest in you, they will ask you for it. There is no need to for this line in a resume.

DEAL with gaps in your resume. If you have months in between gigs, instead of listing start/stop dates, put the year instead (e.g. 2010-2012) OR just list the amount of time you were at that particular position for the earlier jobs in your career.

These are only a few of many tips for resume writing. If you have your own tip, please comment below!
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