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Should College Be Free? Posted on 04-16-2019

Lebanon, PA

There is a growing movement in the United States toward making college free for everyone. There are already countries around the world, like Spain, France, and Sweden, that not only offer free tuition for their citizens, but for some, they also offer free tuition for international students (a la those from the United States.)

If college was free, it would expand education access to those who previous had no access because of monetary limitations. More people would be exposed to higher learning opportunities and thus that would lead to a country that would benefit economically and socially due to the more educated population. Im not saying everyone would want to give college a go, but for those who do it would be available to them at no cost.

What about that lingering college debt from student tuition loans? Gone. Not only would this lessen any future stress of trying to pay off student loans, but also free up that money to pay for other things like other bills and/or vacations and things for yourself.

This would also mean that the loaners would not rake in as much money due to the not collecting the extra money from interest on those loans. If they make less money, would that mean fewer jobs in that sector or lower salary expectations for employees?

In some cases, the lack of a college education has not impeded the success of individuals in the workforce. People such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates never finished college and they are currently a couple of the most successful and rich men in the U.S.

Other things to consider: Will not paying for college keep the younger generation from being money savvy? Would private colleges take a fall? Would free college allow you to explore what youd like to major in more freely? Elementary and high school is free why not college? Will schools become over populated? Will students take it for granted?

All of these options are points to consider. So what is your take? Let us know in the comments.

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