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Fraternity Interview and The Aftermath Posted on 11-17-2011

After a semster of not being able to do a line due to people with low GPAs showing up to intake meetings. The fraternity I was interested in joining posted a flyer for an upcoming intake meeting they were having. So I attended the meeting with my transcripted and well dressed in my business attire, I believe I presented myself well in this meeting. The next day I recieved an email from the chapter advisor it was an application and it was dues in 2 days


On to the Interview. The day before the interview I recieve a call from the chapter advisor to tell me my interview was Tuesday night, and dress to "impress" So I had to work Tuesday night but I also had this interview Tuesday night.. So I rush from work on my "lunch break" to go this meeting and be on time. But I made the mistake of wearing the colors of another fraternity. Strike 1. How could I forget to wear neutral colors to interviews for a fraternity. So I get to the place were the interviews were being held and the the chapter advisor lead me to a back room and he starting saying why are you wearing that color. I didn't understand what he was referring to that at the time. Then another old head saw what color I had on and just started cussing and carrying on. I was like why are these people tripping. Dang I'll wear neutral colors when I'm around ya'll next time. After 5 minutes of waiting it was my turn to be interviewed. The interview was very "ritual" like. I was thrown into a room with about 30-40 people. I was expecting way less people but I guess I can never tell what I'm gonna get with this fraternity. With seeing 30-40 people in one room to interview one person and this whole ritual aspect combined I did get a little nervous. So I was asked some basic information, then some really wierd "ritual" stuff happend so then they asked me a question I kinda heistiated to answer because I couldn't believe what was going on. And the fact that I had 10 people yelling at me at once and 1 standing near me saying hurry up u only got one second to answer. I couldn't think of an educated answer with all this going on and the undergrad president had to quiet the room down so I could speak. After that I was able to give consciencous answers to the question that were asked. But one undergrad member did through out a question that may have hurt my chances of getting in. He asked if I knew any undergrad members. Although I do not know any undergrad members well due to me transferring from another university I did however know a few of the alumni members of the chapter.


The scam

Our intake meeting was on a Tuesday, the frat met with 11 "selected" people the Friday the same day our application were due. So I feel I did not have a fair chance of getting selected anyway. Which make me wonder why they would put people through the trouble of filling out an application, getting reccomandation letters at such a short notice, and attend meetings and interviews. If you have your people picked why even have a intake meeting? just because the school requires you to?



After two weeks of the 11 people going through the process 10 people dropped line. Last week this organization crossed 1 person


What's next?


Rumors of this fraternity wanting to do another line next semester because they quickly realized they really are not running the yard and that they are soon to be irrelevant on campus. So should I try again or just let it go? While I do like this fraternity on the national level, the merits, and the foundation that this organization was founded on, I do not feel that the chapter on my campus is the best representation of this organization. I think God had other plans for me this semester and with 10 people dropping line something clearly was not right.


P.s. this fraternity had an "event" on campus last week, and the undergrad president acknowledged me and he NEVER used to spoke to me before let alone speak and shake my hand. With the campus advisor of this fraternity telling me basically its all about who you know, I guess this might be a good sign?

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