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Spelman Help! Posted on 06-24-2009

Sanford, NC

Ok so i'm starting highschool in the fall. I already know which college i  wanna go to. Of course Spelman!! But i was recently on the college board website and, i was looking at classes that you should take and classes that are required to take to get accepted into Spelman. Everything was going good until i reached foreign language. It said that foreign lanuage was required of you to take your 1st year. Here's the problem i didnt sign up for any foreign language!!! What should i do?? I don't want anything jepardizing my chances of getting into Spelman. This is my dream school. I can't picture myself attending any other college/university. My question's to all you Spelman ladies is did you take a foreign language your 1st year? Do you think this will affect my chances of getting accepted into Spelman? Or am i just freaking out for no reason???!!!0 0  0 0

here's the site i was talking about:


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Lovinit10 from hampton, VA replied on 06-24-2009 11:04PM [Reply]

I don't go to Spelman but maybe i can help you a little.The website is saying that three years of a foreign language is required but if you're just going to be a freshman in high school than you can either sign up for a language your sophmore year or talk to your guidance counselor when school starts and enroll into a foreign language class.
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phiaznite replied on 07-01-2009 03:32PM [Reply]

It's not a requirement for freshman year, but you have to take at least 2 years. They recommend 3-4, so I would suggest you take it starting sophmore year until you graduate.0

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Janae from New Roads, LA replied on 04-30-2011 02:44AM [Reply]

hi, my name is janae as well haha! but i was worried about the same thing too. id really love to attend spelman after high school!
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sweetycakes from simi valley, CA replied on 05-31-2011 04:27PM [Reply]

you'll be fine..i got in..and i just completed 2 years of spanish in high school..

just make sure you got community service (LOADS) on high gpa and test scores...

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