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There's literature, and then there's.... Posted on 06-10-2004

Los Angeles, CA
BULLSH*T! I am not trying to downplay any of the hot authors out right now, but is it just me, or does it seem like they can't write books the way they used to? this leads me to believe that there must be a difference between literature and just something to read. I would love to see responses to this post, as to what most of you would consider literature.
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LuvKisselle replied on 07-27-2004 02:38PM [Reply]
I actually read all kinds of books. Right now I'm reading The Autobiography of Angela Davis---it's a black radical kind of book. But after this, I'll probably read Pipe Dreams---a book about a drug addict. And I'm glad that you mentioned George Orwell----Animal Farm is one of my favorite books and I now remember that I was supposed to buy it for my collection. I would never consider myself too smart for a book. But no matter what kind of plot the book has, shouldn't it be well-written?
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