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New Age Books Posted on 06-07-2004

Does anyone know about current empowerment books that would talk about issues of today? For example... The **** Papers or Mis-education of the Negro but I need more modern books. I just finished reading the **** Papers and now I see everything in a new light. If spike lee or john singleton could incorporate the book into a movie it would start a buzz. Then more Black people would read the book, and that would start a revolution. When I face reality ... i see a race who had a fit over Bill Cosby's comments THAT WERE TRUE.
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replied on 06-10-2004 09:52AM [Reply]
Wut up, If you are looking for a book to completely alter your perception of life I would recommend 'And the Truth Shall Set You Free' by David Icke (Ike). This book exposes a massive plot to keep the minds of humanity confined. Read it with an open mind.
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replied on 06-10-2004 01:01PM [Reply]
When was it published and what does it talk about?
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replied on 06-10-2004 02:07PM [Reply]
It was published in 1995 and he released an updated edition in 1996 I believe. The book is about how this country, in fact the world as we know it, is basically ruled by a few people, whom he calls the global elite or Illuminati. I'm sure you've heard of them. He uncovers how the same families OWN the media, banks (not small banks, think Swiss size), ****, and other massively lucrative institutions. He goes in depth with documented sources about organizations and covert (secret) societies that carry out agendas via assassinations, coup de etat's when they wanna get someone out of power in another country, manipulation of both sides in wars or conflict, etc. Also, about how the media is controlled to let the mass believe one thing when the complete opposite is being carried out. For example, look at the war in Iraq. The majority of US citizens believe that what we are doing in Iraq is actually beneficial for the Iraqis. This is completely false, in Iraq they think we are the terrorists, and likely so. But the media is still telling us that we are the "white knights" saving a corrupt country. Throughout the book he also talks about how we can change this so it is also a self-empowering book. I think you said you wanted something that discussed the issues of today. This does it in a completely new light. The book covers (or maybe uncovers) a huge amount of information I highly recommend it.
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replied on 06-10-2004 02:46PM [Reply]
thanks...im go get today
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