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Not A Problem, But A Question... Posted on 06-06-2007
C Nels

Is there a thread or post that explains what the objects in the header of our posts mean? Excluding the obvious; birthdate, age, member name. I'm trying to figure out what other categories of members there are in here. And what is "Rep Power"? I know I reps hard so I think my rep power should be up there! lol What does the little rectangle underneath rep power stand for? If there isn't a post explaining this stuff, can you provide some insight? Thanks. I know I'm not the only one curious about this stuff.
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phd1974 from Lebanon, PA replied on 06-26-2007 11:58AM [Reply]

The Reputation System provides a way of rating users based on the quality of their posts. Users can add or subtract reputation points from other users by clicking the reputation link in their posts (*represented by a balance scale*). This allows users in the forums to tell which users are quality and which are not. Currently every new user who registers receive 10 reputation points. Your points can go up or down and your reputation will relfect that. For example: If you receive over 50 reputation points, your reputation status will change to say " will become famous soon enough". The highest attainable reputation status is " has a reputation beyond repute". I will leave it a secret as to how many rep points you need to attain this status. The small box underneath your rep power is based on your rep power. Underneath your name, is your user rank. New member will be labeled "Newbies". As you contibute to the forums with posts, etc ... your rank will increase. For example: When you have at least 250 posts under your belt, you will attain the rank of "Freshman". The highest rank attainable is "HBCU Elite Member". I'll leave it a secret as to how many posts you need to attain that rank.
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C Nels replied on 06-26-2007 11:34PM [Reply]
Gotcha! Thanks....now let me go get my posts up!
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