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What Makes You Read What You Read? Posted on 05-31-2007
C Nels

To answer my own question, I enjoy reading biographical books. I prefer those b/c I'm interested in knowing what makes people who they are....what they went through, any wisdom to pass on. I try to learn from what I read and reading fictional books don't do much for me. I used to read them but once I was through, there wasn't much to take from it.
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BreathingDiamond0689 replied on 06-06-2007 12:39PM [Reply]
Well, firstly, I LOVE reading Magazines. Specifically magazines geared towards women, such as Essence, Vibe ****, and surprisingly to myself, I have started reading Seventeen magazine (never really gave it much or a chance). I'm always drawn towards magazines because I want to study Print journalism, but when it comes to novels, Romance novels are my favorite. I'm am a sensual person, and Romance books interest me, and evoke a lot of emotion and interest out of me. I see what your saying about Fiction books and how you can't take much from it, but I love reading fiction from Walter dean Myers, because his books have story lines that are so real and relatable to people in different ways.
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NECKBONE replied on 06-07-2007 05:10PM [Reply]
i read mostly bios and political type books. mainly because im interested on how people got to where they are and peoples perspective on whats going on in the world and how to fix whats wrong with the world.
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 06-13-2007 11:53AM [Reply]

It really just depends on my mood. Just like when it comes to movies or music, I can't say that I just like one particular thing. It varies. If I was honest tho, I guess I would say that I lean more towards African American literature, but it isn't a must. Just mainly seems to be what's in my collection.
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CN1CE from Brooklyn, NY replied on 07-22-2007 03:48PM [Reply]

Lately, I've been devouring any biographical book I can get my hands on. I like to find out what the person went through and hopefully their secret to success. That way I can hopefully use that wisdom to dodge the snares they fell into and improve my life for the better. I also love a good mystery. Anything that can keep my mind active and sharp. I'm also a fan of Science Fiction. I dont know why. There's just something about Invading Aliens, Time Travel, and Hyperdrives that gets my blood flowing. Surprisingly, self-help books. How to do this or so and so for dummies offer information on things that just may help you out in the long run.
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