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How True To Life is Stomp The Yard Posted on 05-24-2007

Brooklyn, NY
Seen the movie. Then, I seen it again. Then, I seen it again. Then, I seen it again. Now I own it own it dvd. I'm just curious as to how the portrayal of a fraternity in Stomp is true to real life. I admit, the movie got me hype.
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Renegade11 from cincinnati, OH replied on 05-16-2008 09:02PM [Reply]

The as* whoopin they took was real but forreal the director could have shown some of the community service that each fraternity/sorority has to do. Its not all about the dissin, steppin, and parties. It is more about the brotherhood and sisterhood that each member develops with their bruhs and/or sorors.
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DJ Knightmare from augusta, GA replied on 05-19-2008 10:23PM [Reply]

its all some bull ish... i dont know if i made a comment on this... but it highlighted steppin.... the movie made it seem as if... you pledge to step... Black fraternites come to u .. asking u to join them...... ask u to come to an rush or intrest meeting(i think they the same) then u Probate(during another probate) and then u step... and dance... And step somemore... and ive been to a few shows and have never EVVVVVVVVVVVVVER seen a step off... kinda U got servedish huh guys lol....oh and gettin megan good ..... (she fine too lol) i have seen greeklife at school ... it aint like that... all of them do community service and put on programs and Go to class.... oh yea i seen him get tutored for class....(is there a cut portion where he goes to class?) lol they jus tryin to sell tickets ..... after all........ A Bake sale and a fourm on anti Hazing isint gone put Booties in the seats of theaters.... all and all its an extreme exaggeration...
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