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[ why is **** so powerful? ] [whut is it that it beholds ? ] [ ENLIGHTENme ] Posted on 05-06-2007

Loxahatchee, FL
[i posted this in Tha Yard and figured that it would make more sense to post this up on the message board made especially for the **** conisseurs ] Just another randomesque thought: whut is it about **** that makes the fellas just, well... pretty much [ ] ? i mean, this is in no way a hit at the ladies out there with a piece of ****, because my pedigree broke me off a piece my damnself. [ 34 -28-48 thank you ! ] and this aint no shot at the dudes, who usually get knocked for just wanting to get with a girl because of that 3-1-10 ratio because i got me a BLAQ man who got with me for other reasons... its just always amazed me--the power that **** has...the power that many afro-merican women are bitter because of the lack-thereof. so my strapping young men... reveal the secret... ENLIGHTEN me! [ m. BREEZY ]
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SuperFly replied on 05-07-2007 04:46PM [Reply]
A powerful **** is the sign of a ****.
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evy08 replied on 05-07-2007 11:45PM [Reply]
*thinkin* idk.....just something nice to look at I guess.
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