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FAMU or Howard U Students Posted on 07-26-2006
1st Born Second

I know I posted in The Yard, but I really need some response, plus I figured it'd get more responses here.....please give me some insight.... I need your help. Although I've done some extensive research on both schools websites, I need your help. Could you please give me some insight or information on the Health Science Program? I want to know more about the toughness of it and different aspects of it. Please feel free to IM me or e-mail me at LadyC872005@yahoo.com or mosesd@savstate.edu. Thank you and it is MUUUUCH appreciated!
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La replied on 07-29-2006 02:08PM [Reply]
oooh I can help you alil I think..My best friend and roommate is a Health Care Management major and she JUST got into the Health Care Management Program. I think its hard depending on what type of student you are. If your strong in the maths and sciences and can dedicate time to doing well you should be fine..There are many people who make it thru Health Care Mgmt at FAMU....now all the Pharmacy majors thats a whole nother story. Even the best of student can get into the pharmacy program because its so hard and competitive...but yea Health Care majors are located in the school of Allied Health and Sciences. Hopefully you can find more information you need from this link. http://www.famu.edu/acad/colleges/ahs/index.cfm Good luck! :grin:
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