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International Conferences Can Improve your Writing A Lot
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Conferences are a great place to not only learn new things and hone your skills but also to meet others who are from the same craft as you are. Something that is important in a student life as it eventually helps to you connect to more people, build professional contacts and even help you out big time when you are left with the responsibility to plan one for your institution. “Attending top writing, event planner or marketing conferences will connect you to business professionals and transform your business growth.” says Jessica Stewart, Vice President, Marketing, EMRG Media.

Here are some of the top international writing conferences you should look out for in your student life:

1. San Francisco Writers Conference

Held annually in San Francisco, United States of America, this is a must-attend conference with over a hundred sessions, workshops, and panels which is excellent to hone your skills as a writer and experiment with all varieties of writing genres. From writing to publishing to everything in between this is your one-stop destination for an intellectually stimulating experience.

2. The Geneva Writers’ Conference

This internationally acclaimed conference which is held biennially in Geneva, Switzerland boasts of several excellent writing workshops, panels, writing labs and sessions. Peppered with an equal amount of fun as The Geneva Writers’ Conference hosts bookshop coffee sessions and the cocktail meet, which is something all writers must look forward to!

3. The London Book Fair

Held in London, United Kingdom, this highly awaited event is one of a kind and you should absolutely never miss it. As they say, “The London Book Fair is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels.”

4. The Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival

This conference is held annually in Vancouver and it hosts poets, authors, publishers and their readers from all over the world. This six-day long saga celebrates the art of writing and is a perfect place for everyone who wants to soak in the brilliance of writing and reading world.

5. International Conference on Books, Publishing and Libraries

If you are looking for some serious inspiration, be it for writing or managing a conference, this London-based international conference is the place to be. Started since 2003, it has been attracting a crowd of some serious literature lovers from across the globe, making it a hot spot for anyone looking for some good old-world charm of books, publishing and libraries.

6. Canterbury Arts Conference

This ancient place, which is already famous in English literature, holds an excellent international conference for the lovers of literature and the art of writing. Hosting authors from all over the world, it is a mind-blowing event that one has to attend to understand its magnitude and power!

7. NonfictionNOW

While most of the conferences are based on all forms of literature or fiction, this unique literary conference focuses on non-fiction. Held in Reykjavik, Iceland, this conference hosts a number of non-fiction authors, readers, teachers and students who participate in various enriching sessions. If you are someone who gets easily engrossed in the charm of fantasy writing, then this is a must-attend conference for you.

8. Melbourne Writers Festival

Created and managed extremely efficiently, this Australian international conference explores the art of literature through storytelling sessions, house discussions and debates. It also hosts a number of educational programs along with live performance of music and various art forms.

9. Africa Century International African Writers Conference

This South Africa based international conference explores the literary culture of the continent and its development and progress. It plays host to prominent African authors as well authors and readers from all over the world.

10. San Miguel Writers’ Conference and Literary Festival

The beautiful country of Mexico takes its literature seriously and this excellent conference is the proof of that. Held in San Miguel de Allende it plays host to some of the top writers as well as budding writers who are yet to have an established literary career along with excited fans of writing.

11. Bread Loaf in Sicily Writers’ Conference

Well however hungry the name gets you this conference is actually more about writing than food! This conference is extremely exclusive and coveted as the attendance to this event is limited to only five groups of maximum six participants.

12. Jaipur Literature Festival

The quaint city of Jaipur comes to life every year as it hosts a number of brilliant authors from all over the world and readers who play an equally crucial and stimulating role in this beautiful literature festival.

13. The Bookworm Literary Festival

A celebration of literature and art, this international writers’ conference is held in Beijing and it plays host to some of the most talented Asian and international authors of the world. It is a true literary delight for anyone in academics.

14. Strokestown International Poetry Festival

Dedicated exclusively to poetry, this Irish event is unique and enriching. Every year, poets from all over the world flock to this picturesque country as it hosts its poetry festival. A large number of budding poets also join the frenzy to meet their idols as well as to learn the craft of poetry.

15. When Words Collide

This beautifully named conference which is held in Calgary, Canada focusses mainly on works of fiction. Every year it boasts of a number of writers, editors, publishers and of course writers who make this event a grand success.

Conferences are an integral part of an academician’s life. Thus, it is a good idea to attend these for enriching ideas as well as to learn how to organize one for your institution. While the best event planning conferences will guide you through the process of organizing a successful conference attending one, on the other hand, will give you a hands-on understanding. With the help of both, you can learn the ropes easily.

By line for Linda Anderson

I’m a writer and musician residing in Boise, ID in the United States, although I spent a small amount of time (about three years) living in the UK growing up, due to my father’s occupation. I graduated from the College of Idaho with a bachelor’s Degree in Business and a focus in marketing in 2014.
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