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Thank you for your interest in the Nursing Program at Shelton State Community College (SSCC). SSCC is committed to helping students reach their career goals. The SSCC Nursing program prepares graduates to sit for the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN licensure exams. It is a balanced curriculum, including general education and nursing courses, which must be taken in sequential order. The program is approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing. The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) track is also accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326, contact 404.975.5000 or visit
It is the mission of SSCC to graduate well-prepared nurses who are strong practitioners both clinically and academically. Nursing students should plan for twelve to fifteen hours per week of clinical experience. Although these hours will be planned as conveniently as possible, there may be three to eleven nontraditional work hours and week-end assignments. Clinical times are included in the course information and other documents available at the beginning of each semester. Nursing applicants are encouraged to complete as many of the academic requirements (non-nursing courses) as scheduling will permit prior to admission to the Nursing program. Students are discouraged from working full-time while attending the SSCC Nursing program.
Transfer students to the nursing program will have to complete all other curriculum courses in the prescribed sequence. Academic credits will transfer as usual; however, Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 201 and 202) credits must have been completed within the past five years. If not, one course must be repeated.
The SSCC Nursing program offers the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program. Twenty-one (21) months, or five consecutive semesters, are required to complete the program. Students who have successfully completed the ADN program through the end of the third semester may opt to take the NCLEX-PN licensure exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). A student may opt out of the ADN program at this point to work as an LPN, or the student may continue and complete the ADN program as long as progression criteria is met. Students who successfully complete the ADN program may take the NCLEX-RN licensure exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Students may also bridge into the ADN-RN Mobility program option from other health programs, for example, paramedic to RN, LPN to RN, veteran LPN/paramedic to RN and others as determined by the College. Refer to the application process for admission periods for the nursing programs. Final student selection for either track is made by the Nursing Program Admissions Committee.
Information About Licensure:
Applicants for admission to Shelton State Community College Nursing programs should be aware of the following information about licensure: The Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN) application for licensure by the examination includes a series of questions regarding past arrests or convictions for DUI and/or criminal offenses (misdemeanor or felony), history of mental illness, substance abuse, placement on state or federal abuse registry, and previous court-martial or military discipline. Candidates are advised to respond honestly as failure to do so can result in denial of the ability to take the exam and to become licensed. Therefore, successful completion of the RN or PN program does not guarantee eligibility to write the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exam for licensure. For further information, contact the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN) office at RSA Plaza, Suite 250, 770 Washington Ave., P.O. Box 303900, Montgomery, AL 36130-3900, contact 800. 656.5318, 334.292.5200, or visit
Progression and Reinstatement:
To progress in the program, a grade of C (75% or above) must be maintained in each nursing course and a grade of C (70% or above) in each general education course. Failure of one or more courses in a semester or withdrawal for any reason from one or more courses in two separate semesters will result in non-progression in the program. Failure to maintain the required grades in any course will result in non-progression in the program. Courses with a dosage calculation component require an 85% grade in that component to pass the entire course.
Students who experience non-progression in the nursing program and desire reinstatement in the program must apply for reinstatement within one (1) year from the term of non-progression to be eligible. Students dismissed from the program for disciplinary reasons and/or unsafe client cares are ineligible for reinstatement to the nursing program.
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