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5 Of The Worst Places You Can Study On Campus
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By Danielle Wirsansky

When you need to, it is great to go find your own place to get your study on while on campus. But there are some places that you should not study while on campus, whether itís due to distractions or a lack of wifi. Read on to learn about five of the worst places you can study on campus!

Your Dorm
If you live on campus, it is usually a good idea to find a place to study outside your dorm room. You may not have a car and that is fine ó there are plenty of places to go on campus to study. Leaving your dorm room to study is good for many reasons ó sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

When you are majorly cramming for an exam and cannot afford to waste time for something so measly as a break, then moving where you are studying might help refresh you and keep you going. Just finding a place to sit and work that you have not already been at for hours and hours can make it seem like you are just beginning to study. Even the movement of moving from one place to another can give your brain the rest it needs to keep plugging away and help you keep going.

Itís also great to be near resources you might need (and did not plan ahead) to study with. If you need access to a database or books, do not stay comfortable in your dorm room. Do what you have to do to study your best.

On the Green
You would think that sitting on the campus green would be stimulating and help you study ó but that setting can quickly become over stimulating. People chatter, cars drive by, students play Frisbee, or even more distracting, L.A.R.P. Without even meaning to, you can sit and people watch and all your resolve to study and your focus will disappear, just like that distractingly interesting bird that just flew out of a tree nearby.
You can also consider the fact that there is most likely no wifi and no power supply. Unfortunately, most studying today requires a computer, so you can only be out there for a limited amount of time before you have to plug back in. If you have any questions that arise during your studying that you need to look up, you will not be able to without internet.
And it could rain! It might be best to take cover.

In the Cafeteria
A lot of people find eating certain foods to be beneficial to their studying so they will just move into their dining hall or campus cafeteria for the day so that they do not have to leave their studying for a single moment, not even to eat.

But eating while studying can be distracting enough, and imagine the din of a crowded dining hall during peak hours? People will be whizzing by, chattering and laughing, and they will not take to it kindly if you ask them to hush. The many smells of different kinds of foods will be swirling around. How will you be able to get anything done at those times? The answer is that you will not get any studying done. And that basically defeats the purpose of trying to study there in the first place.

The Library
Many would think that studying in a library would be ideal, the pinnacle of study spaces. However, university libraries are not the same as stereotypical libraries where a deathly silences hangs over the building like a shroud and the librarians lurk, waiting to hush you should you make a single peep.

Libraries on college campuses are much more social than that, which can make them a problem to study in. You will see people you know, be distracted by conversations with them and the people around you. What about other peopleís conversations? Or that one guy watching Netflix without headphones? Other students are often inconsiderate in these spaces which often outweighs the benefits like having study resources at your fingertips.

The Dorm Common Rooms
Sometimes a convenient study spot is the common room of your dorm. Maybe you just need to change locations for a while; itís raining and you donít feel like walking through it, or your roommate is being loud in the room while you need to study. But now youíre in a common zone that you must share with the hundreds of other students that share the building with you. You canít keep the space to yourself, and should a group come in and decide they want to watch television there, you canít deny them or keep the space to yourself. Itís a shared space. And youíd be surprised by how many other students utilize it, and not for studying purposes.

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