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Washington, DC--The Howard University Graduate School Mental Health Campaign will join
with a number of community organizations to host a “A Community Forum: Linking Gun
Violence, Substance Abuse, Homelessness, and Mental Health” on April 2, 2016 at The
Roots Public Charter School, 15 Kennedy St, NW, Washington, DC 20011, from 10 a.m.
until 4 p.m. Other organizations include the African-American Music Association,
Inc.(AAMA),the Marvin Gaye USPS Postal Stamp Initiative Campaign, The Georgia Avenue
Collaborative Community Prevention Network (GACCPN), and the Carolyn Anne Foundation,
Inc. The event will acknowledge, present solutions, and show relationships between mental
health, substance abuse, gun violence, and homelessness. It will include festivities for children
and young adults, special entertainment, issues forums, and other community outreach activities,
primarily for Ward 4 residents. Before Marvin Gaye moved to Detroit, he and his family lived at
15th and Ingraham Streets. NW.

The Howard University Graduate School Mental Health Campaign was launched in April 2015
with community leaders, health professionals, and scholars who presented current state-of-the-art research on mental health diagnosis and treatment.

The AAMA was established to preserve, protect, promote, and to foster the continued
development of African-American music and the legacy of those who compose, record, and
perform the music. Its primary goal is to offer programs and activities to the community that will
assure a better quality of life for persons pursuing music as a career. One of its programs seeks to save children from abuse, neglect, and street violence.

The Marvin Gaye USPS Postal Stamp initiative was created by Carla Johnson of Charlotte,
North Carolina. The Postage Stamp campaign was created to honor the legacy of Marvin Gaye’s
social consciousness.

The Carolyn Anne Foundation, Inc. promotes mental health, while celebrating the life of Carolyn
Anne Watts, who committed suicide in 2010 and whose prolific art -- more than 170 paintings --
was discovered shortly after her death.

The joint partnership also represents numerous community, health-based, religious, and
educational institutions which have joined together to bring awareness to the relationships
between mental health, substance abuse, and gun violence that is pervasive across cultures, class, and ethnicity, internationally, but disproportionately represented in African-American
communities nationwide.

For more information, please contact Frankie L. Bethea, event coordinator, 240-247-7495,; or Gwendolyn Scotton Bethea, Ph.D.,
communications coordinator,, 202-806-7277, or Cheryl Maxwell, Carolyn
Anne Foundation,, 301-459-0174.

Media Contact: Gwendolyn S. Bethea, Ph.D.
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