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Why Does Love Hurt So Good?-A Must Read!
Why does love hurt so good? Its a question that has many answers with very little understanding. Weve been told that love and loving someone isnt supposed to hurt if its true ...more
Posted by ondray pearson • 237 Views • November 22nd, 2019
HBCU marching bands are important!
If you are a past or current member of an HBCU marching band take this survey to help us discover the importance of HBCU marching bands! https://rowan.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form ...more
Posted by Adrian Barnes • 305 Views • April 28th, 2019
Last Week to Vote For The 2018 HBCU CONNECT Fall Scholarship Finalists Videos!
Every Semester, HBCUConnect.com likes to offer a $1000 scholarship to one of our members to help out with books, tuition or room and board. Please help us vote for the best vide ...more
Posted by Reggie Culpepper • 11,198 Views • August 1st, 2018
Has the Upcoming Election Put a Strain On Some of Your Friendships?
I love politics, social media, and opinionated people, but the combination of all three can be disastrous. The current political climate is heating up, and people seem either very ...more
Posted by Naomi Mackenzie • 737 Views • October 18th, 2016
Think Republican
Thorobreds, I can't be the only one at KSU. But to make it clear, I think the KSU grads who are Republican have the best background and are most likely among our HBCU community ...more
Posted by Darryl Wilson • 1,049 Views • August 14th, 2014
Help Select Morgan State University as the 2013 TeamMBA Award Winner!
Thank you in advance! Morgan State University is the only HBCU in the running for this 2013 community service award. Please share link and VOTE often for Morgan State University th ...more
Posted by Tonya Wright • 1,100 Views • June 8th, 2013
QUESTION #2: Which HBCU was the first to have a fully implemented doctoral program in the field of nursing? __________________________________________________________________ ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 20,412 Views • November 26th, 2012
QUESTION #1: Dr. Leroy Walker was one of the most successful track and field coaches in the United States. He produced 111 All-Americans, 40 National Champions and 12 Olympians. In ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 20,539 Views • November 26th, 2012
Vote on Which HBCU Homecoming We Should Attend!
HBCU Connect will be taking a few road trips this year during homecoming season and since there are so many options to consider in a roughly 6 week homecoming bonanza frenzy in Oct ...more
Posted by Reggie Culpepper • 46,140 Views • August 1st, 2011
Do We Need More Black Lawyers?
With unemployment high and the prison population increasing with the number of black men, do you think we need more black lawyers to addresses these and other business issues? ...more
Posted by Jo Saint-George • 2,655 Views • December 23rd, 2010
Were you a victim of Bullying?
Has this happened to you? ...more
Posted by Candice Johnson • 4,699 Views • October 4th, 2010
Does the BLACK COMMUNITY wait too late to promote college to its YOUTH?
As a parent of two, I was perusing a Parenting magazine and couldn't help but notice the numerous ads for preschool "prep" schools that boast of their impressive alumni. I was disc ...more
Posted by Joan E. Gosier HBCUkidz.com • 13,907 Views • August 17th, 2010
Oil spill in Gulf
Do you believe that BP oil company is doing all it can to harness the spill? Yes No Are you concerned about hurricane season in the Gulf and its affects? Yes No How long do you ...more
Posted by Dave Evans • 2,043 Views • May 24th, 2010
Celebrating HBCU's Founding & History
Would you support financially an effort to make historical photos, documents, yearbooks, etc. from HBCU Libraries available to the public? ...more
Posted by Ira Revels • 2,223 Views • May 24th, 2010
Online shopping/price checking/deal finding???
Online shopping is on the rise. Most of us have bought something on the internet. Shopping via the internet has proven to be beneficial to everyone, consumers and businesses alik ...more
Posted by Sylvester Smith • 1,941 Views • May 24th, 2010