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5 Great Tools to Help With Your College Studies
If you’re a college student who wants to get ahead in your studies, there are tools that are available to help you advance. Taking advantage of these resources can help you s ...more
Posted by Anthony Christensen • 16 Views • June 26th, 2020
International Conferences Can Improve your Writing A Lot
BY LINDA ANDERSON Conferences are a great place to not only learn new things and hone your skills but also to meet others who are from the same craft as you are. Something that ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 1,775 Views • June 6th, 2018
Never procrastinate and always free time…..
One blog I read regularly is by Leo Babauta, called zen habits. Essentially, he writes all about simplifying your life. A while ago, Scott Young was a guest blogger for Babuata’s w ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 4,800 Views • April 19th, 2018
Coping strategies for full time workers turned PhD students
By Thesis Whisperer Have you given up a great full time job to do your PhD? Some of you might have done this fairly recently – what changes can you expect? Jo Khoo is ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 2,051 Views • April 19th, 2018
How Academic Parents Can Find Time to Exercise
A question that often comes up when I do campus workshops on work/life balance is how and when busy academic parents can find time to exercise. As we get older, it becomes increasi ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 4,209 Views • April 19th, 2018
Rhythms of Writing: juggling inspiration and discipline
A lot of writing advice tends to shift between write-when-inspired and write every day. In this blog post, Aya Nassar suggests that maybe we do not really need to choose... It ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 1,657 Views • April 19th, 2018
Don’t Be Bummed Out While School’s Out
Strategies for making good use of your summer "break." By Florianne Jimenez Florianne Jimenez is a PhD student in rhetoric and composition at UMass Amherst. She twe ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 1,301 Views • April 19th, 2018
How Microlearning is Stopping Student Burnout Syndrome
BY TIM MONSON All through our early years and first forays into the world of education, we’re told time and time again that learning requires time, dedication, perseverance. We’ ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 1,370 Views • March 26th, 2018
Take The Plunge: Immersing yourself in your studies
by Kaitlin in Study Hacks The language learning community has always been a huge proponent of the idea of immersion. In its most extreme form, this means relocating to The Net ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 1,325 Views • March 26th, 2018
Getting to know a research intern: Cathy Wong
Google Research tackles the most challenging problems in CS and related fields. Being bold and taking risks is essential to what we do, and research teams are embedded throughout G ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 1,347 Views • March 26th, 2018
Some Quick, Low-Effort Ways to Improve Focus
by Jason B. Jones We live in distractible times, for bad reasons (cf. the news) and good (cf. Alto’s Odyssey, or the soccer ). It is common from time to time to feel that one’s ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 1,106 Views • March 26th, 2018
How to Proof Your Paper Like a Pro – 8 Proofreading Tips
I used to work as a proofreader. It wasn’t the most exciting job in the world, but it helped me become proficient at proofreading ads and documents very quickly. Whenever pos ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 975 Views • March 26th, 2018
Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media
A Social Transition Last week, I wrote a blog post emphasizing the distinction between the social internet and social media. The former describes the internet’s ability to enabl ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 548 Views • March 26th, 2018
My life philosophy: 49 lessons from 49 years
by J.D. Roth Happy birthday to me! Today I turn 49. Here’s a photo from my third birthday. (I’m tucked just behind Mom, opening a present.) An Early Birthday To celebrat ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 385 Views • March 26th, 2018
The Downside of Doing What You Love
By Dan Schawbel There are countless articles written about the importance of doing what you love and it’s how many of us define success. Most successful people I interview reco ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 938 Views • March 26th, 2018