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The Value of Non-Traditional Forms of Diversity Recruiting
There’s a reason why traditional diversity recruitment methods are used consistently—many have proven successful, so why not continue using them. Job fairs, career expos, and targe ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 11 Views • June 30th, 2020
4 Initial Strategies for Starting Your Diversity Recruitment Outreach
Increased talent diversity is a common goal for most businesses these days. Though many organization want a more diverse workforce, most organizations are unaware of how to achie ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 16 Views • June 30th, 2020
5 Bilingual Strategies that will Benefit Your Recruitment
Just how inclusive is your diversity recruitment campaign? Although the foundational goals of diversity recruitment (building relationships, broadening your business’ perspectiv ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 11 Views • June 30th, 2020
Leveraging Media Channels for Diversity Engagement
What makes a strong diversity recruitment campaign? There are plenty of recruitment strategies out there, but most rely on a single idea: reach as many qualified eyes as possibl ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 15 Views • June 30th, 2020
Could you use a RAINBOW OF HOPE during this COVID-19 PANDEMIC? HEED THIS WARNING TO ALL BLACK CAR BUYER'S about how you can avoid being victimized by this GLOBAL NEW CAR BUYING SC ...more
Posted by Bruce Smith • 2,723 Views • June 6th, 2020
For the Love of Pizza: Domino's to Offer Rewards Points for Any Pizza - Even Competitors
Revolutionary program begins in time for one of the biggest pizza days of the year - Millions of pizzas are likely to be eaten this weekend - Domino's wants to give rewards points ...more
Posted by Daniel Moss • 3,589 Views • May 2nd, 2019
Participate in the 2018 Destination HBCU Fair in Cleveland!
​Destination HBCU: Ready! Set! Go! The HBCU Alumni of Cleveland is proud to announce the Destination HBCU (Historically Black College and University) College Fair! This ev ...more
Posted by Reggie Culpepper • 11,035 Views • November 1st, 2018
Norfolk State University Spring Career Fair
Greetings: We cordially invite you to participate in the Norfolk State University's spring 2018 Career Expo. The expo will be located in the Student Center on Wednesday, March 1 ...more
Posted by Will Moss • 9,813 Views • February 12th, 2018
Need to reach the Black College Nation? The HBCUConnect On' Campus College Magazine is your solution!
Advertise in HBCU CONNECT On Campus Magazine! We would like to offer you the opportunity to place an ad in the next issue of our HBCU CONNECT ‘On Campus’ Student Magazine. ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 18,410 Views • November 5th, 2015
Fall Career Fair 2015
Posted by Elynor Moss • 19,200 Views • August 26th, 2015
Being lonely at work is bad for business
by Claire Zillman @clairezillman One nonprofit is attempting to stem teacher burnout by addressing a problem that plagues many offices: employee loneliness. The nonprofit org ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 24,258 Views • August 11th, 2014
4A's Talent@2030 Adds Centro Founder to Lineup
The upcoming 4A's conference, Talent@2030: The Business of People and Culture, on Aug. 11 and 12 in NYC, includes a morning keynote by industry consultant and entrepreneur Cindy Ga ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 18,521 Views • July 22nd, 2014
Tom Shepard Wishes JWT Success in Building on 150 Years of Business
Author: JWT Although the advertising world has shifted dramatically since the early days of JWT, the same principles of creativity and innovation still drive the business today. ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 19,581 Views • July 22nd, 2014
Cultivating Aspiration in Your Life
The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination, and the energy to get started. – Norman Cousins, American journali ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 22,750 Views • July 8th, 2014
"Reserve, Recruit, Retain"!
The HBCUConnect Alumni Magazine is now in production. To spread the message about your outstanding career and internship opportunities we invite you to reserve your advertisemen ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss • 20,142 Views • July 1st, 2014