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Talk to Your Landlord: 4 Important Apartment Repairs for Student Health (75 hits)

It can be difficult to talk to your landlord if you are a student. There's definitely a power imbalance there and it's natural to not want to rock the boat. There are, however, times when speaking up really matters. Below are four important apartment repairs about which your landlord needs to be contacted.


Plumbing issues are distressingly common in apartments. Unfortunately, these issues can lead to everything from mold build-up to insect breeding grounds, with the health of the tenants usually suffering for these problems. If you notice any kind of leak or stoppage, you need to bring it to your landlord's attention as quickly as possible to ensure that it gets fixed. The longer you wait, the more unseen problems might start to grow.


Faulty heating is no joke. If your heat doesn't work in the colder months, you could actually be in significant danger from spark that fly when your system shorts out under the pressure. It's up to you to make sure that your landlord sends out for heating repair services before the weather gets too cold. Remember, a broken heater in the fall can be a nuisance but it can literally be a matter of life and death when the winter comes.


Yes, a broken door actually represents a real health and safety issue for the tenants of an apartment. It's not just that a broken door makes it harder for you to get in and out of your apartment - it can also make it more difficult for you to escape if there is an emergency. This is also a safety issue because a malfunctioning lock can make it easier for someone to break into your apartment, putting you in unnecessary danger.


Finally, make sure that you talk to your landlord about any electrical problems that might occur in your apartment. While some might think that spotty lights or a broken light switch aren't huge problems, they can be symptoms of wiring issues that are actually quite dangerous. It's vital that you get these problems addressed before they become the kind of faults that lead to major problems.
Remember, these repairs aren't just about luxury - they're about your health. Good landlords want to know when these problems occur so they can do everything in their power to fix them. If you are willing to contact your landlord quickly, he or she should be willing to fix the problems so that his or her tenants can safely enjoy their apartments.
Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Wednesday, March 25th 2020 at 3:56PM
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