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4 Overlooked Ways to Prepare for a Medical Career (77 hits)

Careers in the medical industry offer some of the best pay and job security there is. The current crisis is a clear indication of how important medical personnel are, and the need for their service is unlikely to diminish anytime soon. Many prospective students fall into the same cycle of hard-nosed study and crippling loans to get through medical school. Here are 4 overlooked ways you can better prepare for a medical career to get ahead of the curve:

Study Abroad

Studying abroad builds connections in the medical field that look great for resumes. It exposes you to different applications and protocols of medicine in other countries. It also gives you perspective you may not otherwise have sticking with a traditional education in a familiar setting. Studying abroad challenges you to interact and build relationships in addition to your schooling. This greatly benefits your development and interpersonal skills. These are vital components to practicing medicine.

Narrow Down Your Desired Field

Many prospective students choose a straightforward route of being a general physician. Receiving a PhD can be an overwhelming process to your mental health, financial security, and time management. There are many other routes to take within medicine that still allow you to serve the public and provide you with a great salary. This list is a great example of some underrated jobs in the medical sector.

Work in Related Positions

Many career opportunities in medicine depend on prior experience. This is not always easy to obtain. Working in related fields such as High Q can be used as relatable experience. Working with hazardous materials and in containment environments look appealing on a work history to prospective employers. Handling hazardous materials is a part of working in medical settings. This can put you above your competition when it comes to understanding protocol for a sterile environment.

Extracurricular Activities

Participating in organizations or causes will show potential employers your ability to work within a group. Joining in on or off-campus activities are key resume items that employers look for. Medical knowledge is assumed for anyone who has graduated from a college with the right degree or specialization. What will set you apart from your peers are the volunteer hours, or the interning positions at hospitals. This shows that you have the drive and desire to put the information that you've studied in your textbooks into practice.
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Wednesday, March 25th 2020 at 12:11PM
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