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Black History is WORLD History (1695 hits)

Without True Black History, there would be no WORLD History... much less American History (North, South, Caribbean). True Black History is not only a history of Resistance & Struggle. It is also a history that reveals that capitalism was shaped by it... from its very inception. It is a history that reveals that European culture was shaped by it from its very inception.

Black History is a way of exposing the TRUTH about Humanity's journey to Now. What we should be celebrating/remembering/passing on is the inextricable link between the history and struggles of African Peoples- captive and free- and the evolution of US History/ Civilization and World History/Civilizations. Not promoting a history of assimilation into a beastly culture as the Tuckers of the world get trotted out to spew and legitimize.

We can no longer separate from the US or any other part of the Americas as we can separate from our melanin: we are in and of the Americas... just like we are in and of Africa. We are that dualness that Dubois spoke over over a hundred years ago... but now even more so. This does not mean that we have to embrace assimilation and submit ourselves to whims of whitefiolks and capitalism. This means that we recognize we were capital producing capital with our bodies, brains and wombs....This means that at the very core of our ancestors' daily existence was resistance and struggle so powerful that it shaped nations and economies the world over.

So... it is not about getting into white history books. True Black History ERASES those white history books. White supremacy ideas and policies get exposed for our children and the world to see when True Black History is taught and studied.

Black History Week was a political and psychological weapon used by Carter G Woodson and others to counter the in-your-face-racism Black encountered everyday of their lives in the early part of the 20th Century. Black History Month today- right now -must have the same purpose because in-your-face-racism is still here along with a deeper in-your-mind-racism never dreamed of by Brother Woodson. We use this month's celebration and commemoration to recruit and rejuvenate. Recruit even more of our people into understanding that Black History IS World History and a history of Resistance and Struggle for Liberation and Self Determination. Rejuvenate those of us who are weary of the Struggle to Be Free... and, in turn, rejuvenate our organizing and institution-building efforts.

If we celebrate Our History of Resistance and Struggle in this manner, the rest of the year will be about applying what we have learned from our ancestors' unrelenting quest for Liberation... and making them beam with pride.

In Struggle,

Sam Anderson
Posted By: s e anderson
Sunday, February 22nd 2009 at 12:45PM
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Before Affirmative Action
I can remember growing up in the 50’s, when our communities  were more  self-sufficient. To me, Affirmative Action divided and destroyed what semblance of togetherness we had as a people. Affirmative Action was designed to Window Dress, creating a crabs in the barrel black society.
Affirmative Action is kinda like the Pyramid schemes. Most of those educated and skilled, who understood the scam, took advantage of the opportunity. They were the ones, who were serving as role models, that began moving on up and out of the neighborhoods. 
When Malcolm talked of self-sufficiency, he was accused of separatism. The reality is that within the 50 states we are many nations in one nation. During this presidential campaign it was made clear that family and social values were paramount in connecting with candidates. We African Americans are a family and it is time that we begin working toward our own families’ interests. “Charity begins at home”, is not separatism nor selfishness. The neglecting of ourselves and relying on others to provide for us, nurtures that negative perception other families have of our community.  
Until we as a people take ownership of our own financial, political and social destiny we will be seen as not deserving of others’ respect. Today it is not a whole lot about  fighting for our rights: it is more of how we should exercise our rights. For one, making sure that we are being treated fairly with the allocation of government contracts, loans, grants, scholarships, etc. and with the contracting of capital improvement projects. With a unified voice some of these infrastructure projects will be developed and buil[t]d by us in our communities.
This new world market, which can only expand, provides opportunities that abound; we have family and in-laws around the world, and when the companies and industries begin finding that potential clients and customers are looking to patronize businesses that are more reflective of their family members, those qualified will be in high demand and will be represented from the top executives to the receptionist. 
Those of us who are more fortunate should become entrepreneurs in revitalizing our communities. We as a family need to get out of debt and pool our resources, and make our children, our elders and the legacy of our Ancestors, Proud!
Ivan Butcher II
Monday, February 23rd 2009 at 2:28PM
Ivan Butcher II
Brothers...I sincerely apologize for not viewing this message sooner.

I had the priviledge of addressing a few Young Black Folk...male and female...who espoused the usage of the word n*gga - ***** as one of affection. When I attempted to explain the ills of that ideology...they exclaimed, "This is the way it is and that was the way it was." "We aint got time for no Old-Head Stories."

Needless to say...it broke my heart to leave them with their illusion / delusion(s). If I could only get them to see...I pray for them and hope the next generation will pull up their pants, put down the laced cigars (w/weed), stop buying the forties, stop cussing in front of old folk and babies - (all people), and have a little respect for their elders...whether they know them/us or not, take advantage of our resources while learning and knowing the truth about Black People and The World - from Us It Did Come -, and make a little time for "THEM OLD-HEAD STORIES!"

Your message was well put...I totally agree with you Both, Brother Ivan and You, Brother Anderson...as I would with all our Brothers and Sisters - all hues - of this planet to which we belong.

Peace and Love,


Wednesday, April 7th 2010 at 9:36PM
Gregory Boulware, Esq.
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