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How to Pay for Unexpected Doctor Bills on a Budget (316 hits)

No one wants to get hurt or have to visit a doctor. This can really be a problem if youíre on a tight budget. Unexpected medical bills can lead to an unexpected impact on your budget, but itís possible to take care of them over time. Here are a few options that can help.

Use an HSA
Many workplace health plans have high deductibles associated with them. Fortunately, itís possible to save via a health savings account, more commonly known as an HSA, to offset the deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. Individuals can save up to $3,500 as of 2019 for an HSA while families can save up to $7,000. If youíve already saved up some money from a previous plan year, you could use the funds to take care of your unexpected medical bills.

Participate in a Medical Trial
Another option for paying for medical expenses is participation in a clinical trial. Clinical studies are doing research for many new treatment and medicine options, such as finding alternatives to opioids for pain relief after surgery. Because you are improving their research, many clinical trials actually pay participants while providing free medical care. Whether you need to visit the podiatrist because of a stress fracture or a cardiologist because of an irregular heartbeat, itís possible thereís a clinical trial going on that could help you.

Go on a Payment Plan
Unlike most other forms of debt, there is no interest associated with medical debt. That fact doesnít mean that thereís no stress associated with medical debt, but it does mean that many doctors and hospitals will work with their patients by setting up a payment plan. If youíve been hit with an unexpected medical bill, itís worth it to discuss your situation with your provider to see what payment options are available.

Add a Job
It might not be the most attractive option, but taking on some more work through overtime or a side hustle can be a good way to add funds to a budget. Those extra funds can go toward paying off any unexpected medical debt. Hopefully, the bill wonít be too excessive, and youíll be able to pay it off with a few weeks or months of extra work.

No one wants to fall into medical debt. However, itís likely that you will have to pay some unexpected medical bills at some point. Staying calm throughout the process is key. With these tips, it can be possible to pay off medical bills even on a tight budget.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Tuesday, July 9th 2019 at 1:49PM
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