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Southern Men vs Northern Men (2796 hits)

I have lived in the north my whole life , besides the time I was living with my mom in Jamaica. they really got some trifilin dudes up here who aint got no respect fa females. Now I have alot of friends that say "LaLa everything gone change when you get down here these n*ggas aint n*ggas they men girl. Little crazy stuff like that. Now I need to know is it true that southern men are way better than these boys up north. I dont know if somebody blogged this before but I need to know your opinion. Cause I know they really have some trifilin boys up here. not to be disrespectful to all boys who live up here there are some nice ones and they got some trifilin ones. There is no absolute.
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Friday, August 5th 2005 at 1:04AM
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Been down here most all my life. I'm from New Orleans, but I've stayed in Detroit as well. And the answer to your question is YEP! We Down Home Bruthas are more respectful towards females. And it's not cause we country. Er'body from the south ain't country. It's because we have a more traditional up-bringing than people up north. I mean our folks stayed down home and never abandoned the ways and traditions as we were brought up.

And girls up north are so throwed and so used to being done wrong by dudes that they dont even know when a Bruh is givin them a simple compliment... and broad ain't a bad word down here either.

Plus, u know what they say bout us??? Well I don't know... I heard a couple chix diss a couple ATL nigs. But I ain't even gon get into that cause I'm from the N.O. the BIG EASY, baby.

But yeah we are more respectful, when girls come from up north and buy shirts that say "I LOVE SOUTHERN BOYS" what does that tell u???


Gotta getcha one. Holla back.
Friday, August 5th 2005 at 4:20AM
Geronimo Pratt
*shrugs* I really don't know...

I've lived in the north most of my life,born and raised in Michigan, but I did live a few years in Florida, and visit the south a lot, because most of my family is in Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana, and what I've learned, is that there are some sorry, disrespectful men AND women, in both the north and south. I've dated guys from both regions that I would have preferred never to have met. But there are genuinely good people in both regions as well. I don't like to say that a person behaves a certain way because of what region they live in because that's almost like saying that every male or female in that said region is going to fit that mold, and that just isnt't the case. So what I'm trying to say is...I don't know lol. I know I'm no help, just adding my 2 cents. :)
Friday, August 5th 2005 at 4:46AM
That's a funny type thing i haven' tbeen no where out of florida but i'm atttracted to northern n*ggas but in my eyes they different. i'm from miami so mostly everybody down here is rude and disrespectful when the moment comes. i guess it really depends on the dude and his upbringing.
Friday, August 5th 2005 at 10:48AM
Well....Personally i think that the brothas i've met up north are better. I'm From Indiana but travel to Virginia, Arkansas, and Louisiana alot. It just depends on the guy really cause they the same across the map the way he treat woman depends on the way he brought up. You just gotta find one that is your type and know how to treat you right. Maybe them southern brothas are what you'll like. I mean they straight and all but I'm bout them Northern brothas myself.
Friday, August 5th 2005 at 12:32PM
I feel what you saying girl cause i been on the north side for a long time and the guys that i have talked to are what i call migrating southern men , they come from the south and they seem to have more of the humble up bringings than some northern boys here but dont knock all northern boys either because they have some qualities that southern men dont have, it all depends on what you like, I like both if you ask me,They both have some traits i wouldn't mind having by my side trust. It depends on what you like girl.
Im out
Friday, August 5th 2005 at 2:26PM
Girl no matter where you go there will always be a group of rude and disrespectful n*ggas. I from the south, you have more respectable gentlemen than you have a rude disrespectful n*gga. The rude ones you jus cuss they ass out and they will talk a little sh*t but go ahead bout dey business when they see you are not playin with them the fall back and go and see what other chick they can get over on
Friday, August 5th 2005 at 2:34PM
i dont think locality has anything to do with the bs level in n*ggas. ive lived both up north and down here and there really is no difference in how a n*gga acts. i think what they look for is different because they want somethin they not used to. but n*ggaz will be n*ggaz whether they from da north, south, east or west. its in they lifestyle
Friday, August 5th 2005 at 2:45PM
okay well I can honestly say that Location doesnt matter you got the goodvs. the bad. When i went to jackson Tn. most of the guys were from the south , and I thought they would have more up bringing than what I had experienced. @ the NSO red and blue blowout, I noticed that the girls from the south were a little bit mor loose than where Im from , they way they dance, act, their whole ora. But ne who while at the party, about two guys came up to me saying twork that a$$ and all of this , and when they asked where I was from they hurried up and said my bad they thought i was from the south( MS.,Tn, Etc.) because most of the grils will let you grab them and talk to them dirty( no self esteem), but they were respectful about not giving them a dance and once they knew how i was and where i was from the showed me a lil' bit more respect. soo wether the bro's are from the top or the bottom , I dont think it matters, but if you present yourself in a decent manner , and not acting uptight then they will still be the same in the end..... Whew that was long... PeaCE ,SAffiYah
Friday, August 12th 2005 at 6:16PM
saffiyah muhammad
True there are general trends according to location, but I have been through the states and across the seas and have experienced and seen negativity in many.
Sunday, October 30th 2005 at 2:42AM
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